Friday, January 11, 2013

Kitchen Furniture Repair: DIY Methods

The kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms in any household. Not only does it hold all of your family’s food, but let’s be honest - you pretty much eat in your kitchen more than your
dining room. As a result, many kitchens undergo a great deal of wear and tear throughout the day. The brunt of this damage is usually suffered by the appliances and furniture. Not surprisingly, kitchen repair is often at the top of a person’s to-do list, since cooking equipment, cupboards, and shelves are always getting scratched, scuffed, stained, or harmed in some way. If this sounds like your situation, don’t worry - you don’t need to call a furniture repair professional just yet! There are plenty of at-home tricks that can revitalize your kitchen, and save you money in the process.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Is Custom Bedroom Furniture the Right Fit for You?

Whether it's for your own bedroom, your child's bedroom, or a spare bedroom in your home, custom made furniture is the way to go. If you want to know exactly why custom bedroom furniture is better than stock options, read about the following benefits:

Perfect Style and Flow: A bedroom should be an oasis. After a long and stressful day, this is the one space where you can truly relax. When you actually have some free time on the weekends, it's where you can hang out and feel at peace. If you want to encourage these experiences, it's important to create an atmosphere that's conducive to relaxation. The best way to accomplish that goal is through crafting a bedroom's style and flow. When everything in a bedroom feels comfortable and relaxing, anyone in it is going to feel the same. Creating this type of environment can be difficult if you have to piece together different pieces of stock furniture. However, the good news is that the full control you have over custom pieces makes it a breeze.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Leather Furniture Care and Repair

Nothing says class and elegance quite like
a beautifully upholstered leather sofa.
Leather furniture is an elegant, classy addition to any room; it exudes luxury without being flashy, and is sure to impress any guest. If taken care of properly, it can even last for years.You may have to reupholster your sofa every now and then, but if you enlist the right upholstery services, this is a painless task. However, follow these tips, and you can keep your leather couch or sofa looking good as new.

Tips to Keep Furniture Upholstery Stain-Free

Protecting your furniture is always a wise investment.
Keeping furniture in clean and good condition is usually a top priority among furniture owners, especially those in the hotel industry. If a guest checks into a room that has stained or damaged furniture, odds are that they will not be very satisfied with their stay. The same logic applies to homeowners as well - no one wants to invite someone into their home, only to have them sit on stained furniture! For these reasons, protecting your favorite fabric and furniture from stains is definitely something to consider. First impressions last forever, and you don’t want to ruin yours with a problem as easy to fix as a stain.

Friday, January 6, 2012

New York times Features Dr. Sofa

It seems that over time the furniture has been getting bigger and bigger, but the houses that we live in are not growing accordingly.

This posses a basic problem of how to fit in the furniture and is the subject of  a New York Times article in which our company Dr. Sofa was featured.

Here is an excerpt , you can read the whole article here:

Sofa stuck on a doorway

"....In some cases — particularly in New York, where doorways and elevators are narrow — big pieces bump up against simple laws of physics. Max Bar-Nahum, the director of sales and marketing at Dr. Sofa, a Bronx-based company that specializes in the dis assembly and reassembly of furniture, said he gets several calls a day from people who buy a couch or chair and discover it’s too big to deliver. The steel-frame couches made by B&B Italia and other modern designers bring him a lot of business. “You have no idea how big these sofas are,” Mr. Bar-Nahum said.
Granted, it can be hard to gauge the size of furniture in a store, where the ceilings are often high and the showrooms loft-like.
But retailers show no sign of dropping the biggest pieces from their lines, even at a time when many Americans are downsizing in response to the housing crash and recession. The median size of a new home, as of the third quarter of 2011, was 2,244 square feet, down from 2,308 square feet in 2006, said David Crowe, chief economist for the National Association of Homebuilders. He added that the square footage should level off at about 2,200 — a trend line that hardly screams Texas depth..."

Thank you to all of our friends for making us the preferred choice when it comes to dis assembly and reassembly your furniture!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Leather Repaint and Renewal

If your leather furniture no longer cleans up, the finish is peeling or the color has faded, you are a prime candidate for our leather revival services. This is a 21st Century developed complex process that produces excellent results. Dr.Sofa® also repairs damages such as cuts, tears, scuffs, burns and other minor mishaps. We specialize in pet damage!

Leather furniture is normally long lasting and very practical. However, due to many factors like kids or pets or even just everyday wear and tear it can sustain some deterioration. Regular cleanings do help, but after a while the dirt gets into the grain. Leather can also become discolored from dye-transfer by clothing or scatter cushions. You now have the option of Dr Sofa’s® innovative Leather Revival and Restoration processes or General Leather Furniture Repair for worst case scenarios!

We have developed a LEATHER REVIVAL process which our technicians use, to bring back the original finish and beauty. This process is completely eco-friendly, using water based paint and only the highest quality supplies.


This is a Cushion of a leather couch that came to our workshop for repair. As you can see in the first photo, there are a series of scuffs running across the front of this leather seat cushion. Notice also that the color has started to fade and is peeling off.


The second picture shows the leather cushion AFTER our procedure. The repair is virtually invisible and the damage is gone leaving only beautiful shiny leather. Our revival techniques were utilized to repair and re-dye the leather. Our process is guaranteed to extend the lifetime of your leather.

Come in to Dr. Sofa® where we have the knowledge, expertise and high skill levels demanded for this process.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Furniture Repair Sofa Disassembly DR Sofa

Dr. Sofa In The News

May 09.2011- NY DAILY NEWS

Jan 10. 2009 - Weekend America
Dr. Sofa

Jun 3. 2008 - The Baltimor Sun
LIVING LARGE - Super Sized Sofa

May 31, 2007 - The New York TimesIF THE SOFA DOESN'T FIT THEY'LL MAKE IT FIT

January 18, 2008 - The Baltimore Sun


January 3. 2008 - Sheky's

May 31, 2007 - The New York TimesIF THE SOFA DOESN'T FIT THEY'LL MAKE IT FIT

August 21, 2006 - Resident Publications

July 30, 2006 - The Chicago Tribune

February 14, 2006 - The Wall Street Journal

January 22, 2006 - The Miami Herald

December 5, 2005 - The Columbia Journalist

More About Dr Sofa
Read Customers' Comments on ApartmentTherapy.comDr Sofa the Furniture Surgeon on
Read about Dr. Sofa's work at

Dr. Sofa comes from three generations of “furniture specialists”. Even at a young age, as he drew sketches and did small repairs for the family furniture business, it was clear that the Doctor was meant to work with “furniture”. As he grew older, he apprenticed in the business starting with basic carpentry, and quickly expanded to upholstery, refinishing, design and antique furniture repair.

Arriving in New York a few years ago, Dr. Sofa discovered that there are times when the “furniture” we buy and space in which we reside are not always compatible. Dr. Sofa discovered that the primary problems that can occur during a move are related to the size and fit of both the “furniture” and the apartment. It may sound obvious, but we rarely think about the fact that American furniture designers and manufacturers produce furniture for use in private homes, and not for the narrow nooks and tight corners of Manhattan apartments.

Accredited and nicknamed the Furniture Surgeonby his first customers, Dr. Sofa is able to offer quick and convenient solutions to the space limitations of New York apartments by disassembling the furniture and creating a smooth fit into the apartment.

Over the last year, Dr. Sofa has “disassembled” over 1000 sofas that were stuck in elevators, hallways, stairwells, doorways, streets, and living rooms across New York City and the tri-state area. Dr. Sofa offers service most days of the year, a 24 hour message center, no surprise pricing, comprehensive insurance, a well trained staff and a quality guarantee. Dr. Sofa also offers “disassembly and reassembly” service for wall units, armoires, beds, Murphy beds, etc.

As part of our natural expansion, Dr. Sofa is now offering Elite Upholstery Services, Meticulous Restorations and Amazing Custom Crafted Sofas.

Call Dr. Sofa today to see what he can do for you!